Bad Haiku for a Great Movie: Begin Again (2014)

“Adam got famous;

Keira was there to support—

But Adam was ass.”

Can other recently brokenhearted British girls pull an Adele – as in write an album based on a past relationship?

Can Keira Knightley be more awesome? And Hailee Steinfeld?

With emphasis on the music video of Animals and his abominable character in this movie, can I still like Adam Levine?


Begin Again (2014): Favorite Songs from the Movie Soundtrack!

I admit it – I love Begin Again. It felt like seeing New York through Instagram. There was a mix of hipsters, musicians, normal people and corporate robots. And of course what kept the movie together was the great music and the fantastic cast – especially Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffallo, Hailee Steinfeld and Adam Levine.

I would have to cross out Adam though. I kind of hated him and his character for being cross over Keira’s character. I’m not good with not being attached, you know.

Anyway, here are my most favorite songs from the movie soundtrack:

  1. Lost Stars. Vocals by Keira Knightley.

Yes, you are seeing that right. I loved Keira Knightley’s version!

In the movie, there’s this argument about how Adam’s character made it very commercial that it somehow lost Keira the creator’s intent.

The song was written as a gift and originally arranged with simplicity.

But because Adam’s character was a complete sell-out, he used the gift song in his new album, trying to get Keira’s character back as a girlfriend.

Wrong move brother, you displeased Keira’s character. You shouldn’t have touched it. It was GRAND as it was.

  1. Like A Fool. Vocals by Keira Knightley.

There was a moment in the movie where Keira’s character records this song as a voicemail to Adam’s character. Why? Because he was such an ass.

The lyrics were spot-on EFF YOU. Girl got some balls!

  1. Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home. Vocals by Keira Knightley, Lead Guitar by Hailee Steinfeld.

The plot featured this song as the last one recorded in Keira’s character’s album.

Because the lyrics are great and the guitar at the end was amazing, we sure dig this.

  1. A Higher Place. Vocals by Adam Levine.

This is the song that made Keira’s character realize that Adam was cheating.

Actually, I felt it was a bit – nay, corny – how the song was used in the movie in a pivotal scene. But yeah, this song is good. It’s groovy and all.

  1. Horny. Vocals by Cee-Lo Green.

Cee-Lo nailed this song. Great, great vocals.

So these are my favorite songs from the soundtrack. What’s yours?

Anna Karenina (2012) has the prettiest clothes on Earth!

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*All media belong to the producers, the studio, media outlets, the Internet, and all great souls out there. Thanks for all these beauty. Thanks for being sport. 🙂 Bless you all. 🙂

Anna Karenina is the mother of cheating-among-the-rich stories we know of today.

Not that I’ve read Tolstoy’s novel in full, I’ve just had a chapter or two before. I don’t remember exact scenes but I know the feeling – grand and all the frivolities of the rich combined. Tolstoy tells in Anna how a young bored Russian leader’s wife goes crazy in love with a delicious rich young man whom she met back at her brother’s hometown. The irony is, it all started out as her being some guardian angel saving her brother’s marriage yet she ended up as some nobody’s wife and a partner to a young man who can’t stand by her fully. Her good husband divorces her, she leaves her son and he doesn’t give her custody nor visiting rights, she’s the talk of society’s bitches, her young lover considers what his mother wants for him – a widow and a “child”, and she can’t take all the shit that’s happening so she stepped on the railway a moving train ahead of her.

Screenplay is true to Tolstoy’s material I guess, and I don’t know if the movie-in-a-theatre attack worked for me. I haven’t seen other Anna movies but I guarantee this one is fresh. It’s interesting actually.

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Scenes are framed in theatres. Horses in a theatre. A garden maze of some sort in a theatre. Pretty weeds in a theatre. Railways in theatre. It’s insane. But there are of course scenes envisioned outdoors.
This particular attack I think affected the effect on emotions of the material. There are scenes where Anna (Keira Knightley) comes across as raw, pretty and vulnerable, yet you get distracted by how artificial and flashy everything’s going on around her you eventually feel nothing.

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And of course the actors. For the movies of 2012, I think this movie makes its lead actors the luckiest for being able to portray the prettiest creatures of 2012, except for Jude Law. Keira Knightley is astonishing as Anna. She gets to wear the prettiest clothes. I realized how pretty her hair was. Dig dig dig. And of course, Count Vronsky himself, Aaron Johnson-Taylor, was so beautiful he looked way better in here. And Jude Law was rather unfortunate to be all ancient, wrinkled and unshaved; but I’ve got to give it to Jude Law for a spectacular display of restraint of an aching yet dignified cheated husband.

But I think this movie’s strongest point is absolutely in its costumes. The prettiest ever in 2012.