Life of Pi (3D) puts the seas and the heavens right before your eyes.


Life of Pi is the first 3D movie I liked.

Not that I’ve watched much 3D movies in theatres; I may have just watched two 3D Shreks and some other stuff. But Life of Pi, among all others, makes the whole 3D experience worth every penny.


Life of Pi excels much on its animation and post-production. I don’t exactly know anything about those but I could see true hardwork to make this movie work.

I swear if you could have been with us at the theatre when we watched it, you’d never want to get identified ever in your life.

A mate and I were like those early audiences of cinema in the 1800s – so afraid of the silent running train before their very eyes.


As for us, we were kind of scared Richard Parker would eat us alive, or that we’d drown in the Pacific, or that we’d soak wet in the roaring tides of the storm, or that we’d get lost with the stars in space, or that we’d get stuck in the carnivorous island, or that we’d get a bite from the hyena, or that we’d be Moby Dick-ing or something with a whale in the ocean.

Life of Pi has very powerful visuals. Watching it on theater was an experience!

As for the story, I do respect religious beliefs but I am at a point where I get quite critical with materials using religious drivels.

As much as I appreciate how the story is interpreted visually, I think the writing was quite formulaic.

The premise of One God and religious traditions was rather interesting, yet I think it needs to be more sublime as I find it quite expository-preachy, needs more kick (which I really don’t know how it could be done), and not just rely on making the whole gimmick cute (what with a child having multiple religions).

This means that I don’t buy the premise that one’s multiplicity in religious beliefs is by sheer simple choice or some metaphysical perspective of sort.

There must be a deeper reason – like introspective conflicts, big break-ups, or some Eat, Pray and Love drama of sort.

And so, if this movie has some problems in it, I think it’s in its attempt to take on big subjects as religion and trying to attack them with simple cute premises.

I know it was a minor part of the story but it kind of drove or set the tone of the whole thing. I would have wanted some street bad-ass Tarantino-esque harshness to cut the subtlety and the Ocean Park Adventure of this.  (Or maybe I’m just feeling a bit bitter as a gourd lately that’s why.)

Nonetheless, Life of Pi is one of the most enjoyable films I’ve watched on theatre. Kind of made me miss dipping by the seashore. Never with a tiger though.


Bildungsroman: Coming-of-age stories keep me going.

hp2 HP1


There’s always something both cute and sympathetic about troubled young people. The genre Coming-of-age is made popular by the late J.D. Salinger with his unapologetic characterization of Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye. If Holden gets to read this paragraph I know he’d puke coz this is sheer phoniness. But that’s all the interest in the genre comes from – the genre is a reminder of bad deeds youth brings, or having lived a good humble life and you somehow hoped you’ve fucked up some time ago because you think it’s cool yet you’re feeling quite better coz you think somebody else’s life’s more fucked up than what is yours now. It all boils down to a schadenfreude moment – feeling good about others’ mishap. Yet a success in this genre still depends on how the author juices and shapes the character with internal conflicts which include either or a combination of drug abuse, premarital sex, insecurities, peer pressure, hormonal weirdness, introversion. And also, it helps that the character is particularly excellent at something – like magic for Harry, writing for Holden and Calvin of Ruby Sparks, and Charlie of Perks.

Perks1 Perks2

I think it’s one of the reasons why I started blogging again – my love for the Coming-of-age stories. I love to think I’m a dork myself. I’m more of an extrovert but there are times I just want to shut myself alone in my room while I’m having extroverted moments at school or the mall. It’s as if there’s a limit as to the number of people I should get to see at eyesight. In coming-of-age stories, people of these traits, like me are the coolest of sorts. We’re the heroes. Bad people are out there, we couldn’t sort ourselves through them sometimes, but at the end, we’re still the heroes. Why? Because we’re troubled people, wasted minds but with lots of character.

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Bruno Mars gives flirting tips old-school style!

bm5 bm1

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Let’s make up stories, shall we?

You’ve been going to this pub for years you somehow know who’s new, hip or nay. There’s this new swoon-worthy guy swinging the door. You ask, who’s this guy? He gets a drink, takes a sip, and in a minute a girl’s on his side. Make that two. Three. It’s getting late, you’re still not getting laid. Then you see him swinging the damn door, a girl you recognize as the third one going out with him, and worst of all, you’re still not getting laid.

I know this story’s lame alright, but this is exactly the point. Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox is how a lame guy sees some hotshot guy gets fast hookups! Lame guy thinks Hotshot guy gets laid with some secret formula he sees from Bond. Or how do I say this? Say, Lame guy asks hookup or romance stories from Hotshot guy, and Hotshot guy tells his tales in some first person point of view. Yeah, that’s super lame, but nonetheless entertaining. And Lame guy’s so fascinated coz he’s lame!


But that’s where all the charm of this album rests. Mars drives us through very Hollywood hookup stories of some hotshot guy, places them in cute, sheer genius melodies and arrangements. Plus it helps that Mars showed his best vocals in this album.

We know in here that Mars is past his publicist-approved drivels, and that by now he has arrived, he’s free to show how much talent there is in him, how much of an artist he is.

I have notes in my ideas notebook I can articulate no more. Let’s just put them in bullet form, shall we? There’s:
•    5o’s diner/pub
•    Potty-mouthed
•    Some modern hippie
•    Skinny jeans, sand boots, Aztec print shirt, biker jacket
•    Drunk by scotch
•    Kiss and tell
•    Some frustrated loverboy
•    Retro
•    Electropop
•    Power vocals


Enough of that, I now present you my top picks from the album! Yey!
1.    Locked out of heaven
2.    When I was your man
3.    Gorillas
4.    Moonshine
5.    Natalie

Locked out of heaven. This song’s the first single released from the album. I see why it was chosen. It had the best arrangement – layers, textures, vocals, I could see lots of gold, browns and oranges with my eyes closed. It isn’t my favorite but this really enticed me to hear the rest of the album.

When I was your man. This I think is a commercial trigger. It’s very apropos, as something RnB-ish always sells. The melody is simple, relatable, very pleasing, plus warm heartfelt vocals from Mars.


Gorillas. This is my favorite from the set! If you’re a passive listener who’s so superficial, neglects the lyrics first, and decides later if the melody is likeable, then join me! It took me around 5 runs on the speaker before I got that the song’s about some hard animalistic sex! You see, it’s sheer genius to put some foul figment of imagination they call lyrics to a piece of wonderful melody to make a fantastic song as Gorillas.

Moonshine. This song’s about Moonshine, the girlfriend whom her lover calls as such instead of baby, honey, sweetie or something. Who calls someone Moonshine? Mars does probably, hahaha.

Natalie. Natalie is someone’s lover. She’s a naughty girl, very naughty. Mars liked her but she’s naughty so this was her punishment – a song about her naughtiness. A pretty good punishment so to say.


Indeed Mars succeeds in showing what sort of recording artist he is. This is some major accomplishment. The songs are in my playlist since early December, and I’m not getting tired listening to them yet. That’s something. I guess it helps that I’ve got some old mind you see. I remember I only had The Wanted’s album for what three days and that was it. I just can’t stand blaring club mixes other than those of Guetta.

Bieber’s Believe acoustic alBum’s incrediBle!


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There’s something special about the Believe Acoustic album. It’s raw, fresh and stripped. We’ve heard the songs before, there are songs released as top-charting singles, and in this album they’re rendered raw and minimal.

It helps that we get to hear Bieber’s new textured vocals, past his adolescent ‘Baby’ voice. He gets to be some very horny lover-boy in here. Why does he do that? Because he’s 18, he’s of age, he can have sex, he has to sell.

Again, everything comes out fresh in here.


Here are my top picks:

1. Boyfriend

I like how this version invests much on Bieber’s vocals, just like how the rest of the songs in the album are. I loved the strings in here and the sexy flavor they give, but his pretty vocals resonate more.

2. Beauty and a beat

I’d say I like this acoustic version better. I know the song had some nice lyrics in it, since the Minaj collab, incorporating some party dance attitude and some love and some baby girl swoon tactics. Chris Brown, Ne-yo do that often.

With this acoustic version, the song becomes more understandable and an easy jam. I see this played in some park-under-the-trees-hipster picnics or parties of some sort.

The arrangement is simple. I loved the guitars. Bieber does some sublime flirtatious vocal calisthenics in here complete with exhales of pleasure, long notes ending down soft, and caressing adlibs, whatever that mean.

3. Yellow Raincoat


*This isn’t part of Bieber’s promo materials. Cute pic though, eh? Thanks Google.

Listening again to the list, the formula stuck to each song with As Long As You Love Me as the parent. Not to say that the other songs were derivatives, just that for a listener like me who hasn’t got stuck yet from listening repeatedly and still seeking for some special love for newly-heard songs, I’m looking particularly for something different.

Going down the list, it is this one, Yellow Raincoat. The feeling’s like, picking one from obviously pretty things, there are two or three sure standouts, yet because you’re some geek, you pick something that looks like everything else only that it’s more sublime and a bit toned down.  Soft humming vocals with occasional efforts, my kind of thing.

This album makes him into Guinness as the youngest to have sold five consecutive chart-topping albums. Hail to the Bieber.