Zero Dark Thirty plays Counter Strike.


It’s not stereotyping the movie’s military antics as some RPG or arcade game or anything, it just feels like one.

Well for starters, Zero Dark Thirty has some interesting detective-like, military intelligence-like narrative going on, with the exposition set through a female agent who has got some serious balls.

She just can’t wait to get the thing done. Well if you’re someone working on something that’s taking you more than getting a college degree then that’s worth the impatience.

The writing was good, although I’ve read some article before that’s more gripping than the perspective presented here in Zero.


Zero banks on its heroine, played by Jessica Chastain who’s one of my newest heroes since The Help, and it’s quite interesting actually.

I understand that through her the exposition of intelligence methods and tactics and all are done so, there.

Going back to Jessica Chastain, I really think she’s good, and the nomination she deserves. Chastain is simply brilliant; she plays relatively a wide range of characters.

She could be tough, vulnerable, charming, never too sassy, and ends up looking very appropriate whatever that means.

I understand where public opinion stating distaste for the movie’s stance on torture as intelligence method is.

For me, the movie is serious and tackles the subject torture with passivity.

Although we see Chastain’s character slightly abashed by the proceedings, she still does it as she thinks it’s pertinent to get things done.

I think it’s where the problem is: the heroine isn’t a real phony who cries much or introspects for having done a ridiculous act of torture just to get the job done.

Had she been singing like Hugh Jackman in Les Mis for every phony misdeed she does, then the movie could have been cleared of such ‘torture’ allegations. Or nope?

As for me, I really enjoyed the night vision territorial intercept going on in the last hour.

That scene where they intercept the subject’s territory and they’re geared and all. That was cool.

Darn I miss Counter Strike. Not that I used to play much of it.