Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila and some past I had.


No joke.

When I was around 14, a mere mortal like me stayed in this very quaint hotel called Crowne Plaza at Quezon City, Philippines.

Thanks to the Davao cardiologists, my English teachers and the administration from my previous school, I was able to be there.

I was a rather good student back in high school so there. My prize. Hahaha.

Nah, I joined a national contest and lost.



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Polygon is the house I want to live.


This is a great house.

House-in-Kyobate-by-Naoko-Horibe-3 House-in-Kyobate-by-Naoko-Horibe-4

Aware of how land prices soar high that any mere mortal like me could soon somehow just afford a house in some diminutive space, I have dreamed of having a modern Japanese house as this.

Every afternoon after school, my ride goes to several drop off points before it reaches mine. There’s this one subdivision where the ride usually goes to.

There’s this polygon house, more complicated than that above, which I really like. I think it has around 5 floors or layers in all.

Creepy, yes with all the diminutive land it’s put on, but very pretty.