About me

VERSION 4. November 2015.

I am a Certified Public Accountant, having passed the October 2015 CPA Board Exams administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (Philippines). As of this writing, I am a System Analyst for a company engaged in malls. I finished a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree from Mindanao State University – General Santos City.

VERSION 3. April 2014.

30 Things about Me

  1. I am a pessimist.
  2. I live in General Santos City – a medium-sized city in the Philippines, hometown of the boxer Manny Pacquiao.
  3. I have never stayed outside of General Santos City beyond 2 weeks in my 20 years of living.
  4. In those twenty years, I have changed primary residence three times.
  5. I took Kindergarten 1 and 2.
  6. I delivered a speech while having a terrible sore throat in front of my teachers, my classmates and their parents during a couple of practices for my Kindergarten graduation.
  7. In first grade I had a terrible penmanship – readable but very untidy – so I just managed to write quite decently after my parents had me kneel down on salt while practicing.
  8. In second grade, we were given a list of instructions to draw a teddy bear. I came up with a face with an empty bubble thought instead.
  9. In third grade, I managed a grade of 99 for History. I memorized the Philippines’ regions and their provinces. Ask me about any of those now and I do not know a thing.
  10. In fourth grade, I was Mr. Ghana for a United Nations pageant. I had paint on my skin. I had a quote from then UN chair Kofi Annan as introduction.
  11. During the question and answer portion, I was asked to interpret a picture of a volcano. I did not speak a word.
  12. In fifth grade I think I was the class treasurer. Or was it in fourth grade?
  13. In sixth grade I had a terrible diarrhea while at school. I cried so much.
  14. In high school, I was an ass – a pompous brat who thought he knew a lot.
  15. In first year high school, I won an extemporaneous speaking contest.
  16. In first year high school, I cried after having not answered several pages of my first major science test in high school.
  17. In second year high school, I loved Biology.
  18. In third year high school, I wrote a pompous essay for a contest and won. Only up to the Regionals though.
  19. In fourth year high school, I was the editor in chief of our English school paper.
  20. In fourth year high school, I sang (duet), danced (folk dance) and took a quiz bee (part of a team) all in an evening. For me it was crazy. We have not championed in any.
  21. I had a rift with some people leading to high school graduation.
  22. I managed to maintain my college scholarship for four semesters only.
  23. I thought I would do well with Accountancy.
  24. As of this writing, I am still units away from finishing my degree in Accountancy.
  25. I drank a bottle of sangria on Valentines Day 2014. I felt tipsy. My skin felt warm.
  26. I love the Harry Potter books.
  27. Pottermore placed me in Ravenclaw.
  28. I sleep a lot. I am like a sloth.
  29. I am very fat.
  30. I am a short person. I am only 5’4” tall.



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