Boyhood (2014): Richard Linklater knows me

I love Richard Linklater’s Boyhood much because it somehow reflects my life so far. Not really that much, because I am more like a bore than anything and I am 21 in third-world Philippines; but there really are just segments in Mason’s (lead character’s) life that I can relate and fantasize of.

Technically spanning 12 years (from 2002 to 2014) in concept and production, this movie is indeed a major feat. It moved me well as I can relate to lots of references. There’s Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again, lots of Harry Potter references, emo kids, songs, and all other small stuff referential to my growing-up years. We Filipino kids are basically American-like as we are basically fed off of the echoes of what media feed the American kids.

Then a huge part of Boyhood tackled the dynamics of parents and kids in broken marriages, and some part on domestic violence. I myself came from a broken home because some guy was being an ass (but we’re all good now), so I can totally relate to the movie’s premise. I feel so much for Mason’s mother that I now feel more respect and love for my mother now, reflecting on how tough she had been dealing with our own situation years ago.

Then there’s Mason who we see literally grow up from a boy to a young man. It’s like Radcliffe in a montage of the eight Harry Potter movies. I haven’t had relationships or anything because I am totally a dork of sort, so that part I couldn’t relate but whatever; I too am a sucker for adolescent love of sort.

So there. I love the movie and that’s it.