The Paperboy touches in the lake.


If you like weird, dirty, agonizing movies, then you’re up for a treat.

The Paperboy is about this person who allegedly kills a sheriff, imprisoned, without fair trial. Thus, public interest on his case ensued and so did journalistic endeavors to propel the story. There’s this journalist and his assistant. They go to the journalist’s hometown where the “killer” did the crime and is also incarcerated. They invite the “killer’s” pen-pal/girlfriend (Nicole Kidman) to help with the case. Paperboy is Zack Efron – the journalist’s (Matthew McConaughey) brother. Paperboy gets a huge crush at “killer’s girlfriend”, and all. Journalist takes a homo relationship with his assistant. The Black issue is raised. Family issues raised. Blah, I still need to practice explaining big stuff as this movie and I’m trying not to offend, so here’s the link.
Based on a true story, the plot is troubling and effective with the cast acting the characters well, and viewers taken to different places and treats of dirty titillation brought to you by Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman was pulling off sensuality 5x more than Julia Roberts’ Erin Brokovich.

Zack Efron plays the toned down acting, creating balance in the film.

Matthew McConaughey makes it good as a closeted gay.

The sex is quite graphic in here and I’ve got no qualms with that, only that it makes the film disturbing.

For its weirdness, I dig it.

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The Beasts of the Southern Wild is the beast you love.

Yes Beauty, this is the one.

I haven’t seen Amour yet, but I guess out of all those nominated for Best Picture this is the one I like most.

The Beasts of the Southern Wild is so dirty that I like it. Watching it stresses me out yet makes me feel so good.

It is actually because it’s giving me a schadenfreude moment – that feeling of goodness I feel for myself because others feel bad. But that’s not to say I’m not sympathetic.

No seriously, it’s because Beasts has the freshest perspective of all. I know it is artsy borderline pretentious but it has one nice point of view.

The indie film treatment at the start just looks quite annoying.

And I so love Quenvezhane Wallis.

That’s all.

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Argo Fact Yourself

The opening spells much of those from Marvel, or from that atrocious Victorian parody Your Highness. We see scene sketches amid the subtle sordid voice-over.

And there went scenes from the Iranian civil war. I thought this won an Oscar for best picture so maybe they’re pulling off another Schindler.

But no, we’re taken to an embassy in 1979.

And then we see tight shots of conversations.We understand everything because the premise is laid early on.

Affleck understood that he is dealing with a tight material that the audience needs to know where this movie is going early on. Unlike those people behind Cloud Atlas who seemed not to care.

Affleck wanted his viewers to understand. And so we did.

Those scenes at the airport was scarier than a Japanese horror movie.

Yet as soon as they got on the plane. I knew Affleck would not blow this thing off.

I just thought some wigs were quite bad. That’s all.

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