Anna Kendrick’s Cups takes on dreams with no hang-ups.

This interpretation is rather fitting with what the song tells.

This is easy, fun and a bit deep.

I actually think this way at times.

Sometimes when I’m doing something “important” that the beneficiary’s not only me but others too, I feel a bit of remorse for some unvoiced out fake inequity I feel within.

You know the feeling when it’s normal for you to take on the chore of washing the dishes after dinner, and you feel like why can’t your sister or somebody else do this, and you say to yourself “It’s fine; it’s fine; someday you’ll all be wrecks because there ain’t got to be me to do this. Wait for that time”. That’s overboard, but the feeling is somewhat like that.

Plus we get an extended version of the infamous Cups percussion-y routine.

That’s something to practice on.

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Happy Work Life

I feel happy about work today that I somehow feel compelled to write.

I know this is just about some training I ought to do for a grade; and this too shall pass.

There is no monetary remuneration, and the time to spend is short, yet today I feel so satisfied of what’s happening with this experience, that I don’t care of whatever inequities there may be; I think I am overly compensated in some other ways even economic wise. This is crazy satisfying and exhilarating of sort. Work, some serious fun work, gives me a whim of euphoria.

I thank my superiors for providing a wonderful working environment for us trainees.

I thank them for opportunites, big or small work, that give me this wonderful feeling I feel now.

I’ll end this now. Too phony.

I look forward for another working day tomorrow. 🙂

Matchbox for Mother’s Hair

I took this book The Journey Prize Stories from an on-sale bin, and I’m happy it called me.

I’ve enjoyed a few stories and this one by Matt Shaw I knew was special.

And yes it was. It was the winner.

Shaw, in the book’s appendix, wrote about the story being formed as “a focused stream of details using a character with limited capacities.” So the intent was pretty mechanical.

Yet what I like about this story is how it has the least pretense, simple yet full of nuisances that build up the characters.

Then going down the story the reader is treated with gore, titillation and the absurd. As a reader, you finish reading it, you look back to that disturbing bit, and you realize there’s nothing much sexual or absurd directly with the words you’ve just read.

Shaw has the strength of concealment. Somebody can learn something from him.

The Hangman

I’m testing out the post by email feature of WordPress through my phone, this Samsung E222 (I know), so here it goes.

Meet Skelly, the plastic Hangman on my shelf.

He’s been there for I guess a year now.

He doesn’t do anything, and so not unlike me.

The most enjoyable Hangman game I know is Hangaroo. Okay so I should be downloading the game soon.

That’s a chore.

Work Experience: A First-timer’s Tale, and a Book and a Movie to Unleash the Submissive in You

My title is odd, I know, but the week that has gone by was quite odd really. And troublesome.

Well I take all the blame to whatever has transpired because I, Romeo Martin, is very well known as a dull decision-maker that even the simplest of things as wearing which shirt takes half-a-day for me to think about.

Unlike in America where the opportunity for teenage (or twenty-ish) employment of whatever sort is enormous, some of us kids here in the Philippines are quite happy with Mama and Papa’s care (money) until we get out of college and have a reputable job soon after. So sometimes, kids here like me, gets to have a job until they’re 19 or 20, with the exception of course of very astute working students.

Yeah, I know, I’m a big dilly-dally, that’s what this is about. I never had a job before because I did not strive too hard to find one. But I swear, I tried applying for jobs before which I am not qualified so I never got to have work like work.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, it took a long, long while before which God-blessed agency should I get into for non-paid work because (1) the possibilities are tempting, (2) I’m looking into some factors minute enough borderline non-essential, and (3) I’m a really queasy person.

What happened was “things did not go quite smoothly” and had a “bumpy resolution”.

I’m doing the job (as a trainee) by the way as a course requirement for the degree I’m pursuing.

And now I’m trying not to blow the sensitive things away, but I have to tell this so others would somehow learn or be reminded and not follow my suit.

Lesson learned: choose fast enough, and when you do just stick to your choice, stand by it, accept the consequences, and never look back.

I got into a few appetite-less days and nights due to stress thinking what will become of me after my irascible mind has decided.

But as Kelly Clarkson sings: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller.”

So there. I felt better and coped quite a lot soon after.

Enough of the “first timer’s tale”.

Thankfully, although I had a “bumpy resolution”, I still managed to take what millions of people call “first day of work “. Well, I’d rather think the day was more of playing than working actually as it was all light and breezy. Not the total wreck of a day I’ve expected.

I went to the office the first time as a trainee with a mantra: “Unleash the submissive in you”.

So to prepare myself, I exposed myself to two Submissive stories the world so knows – one totally inappropriate, the other quite fitting.

The first one is EL James’ Fifty Shades of Grey.

Of course I didn’t go to work for sex! But I looked closely into the manner by which the author portrayed submission in this erotic piece of fiction.

Setting aside the gripping tale of sexual submission in Fifty Shades, I used Anastasia Steele’s mentality towards submission as a foundation to my frequent inability to be submissive.

Through Anastasia I swear I’ve realized that I have to compromise my hard-headedness at times, especially at work, to learn and for a better tomorrow.

Cheers to that.

The second one is The Meryl Streep’s and Anne Hathaway’s and Emily Blunt’s The Devil Wears Prada.

I’ve had several reruns of this movie and I did another a night before work.

The purpose of such endeavor was to prepare myself for the adversities of work-related stress.

And behold, I was able to surpass first day with a smile.

The movie helped me to objectively see the motives behind the behavior of the people in the workplace, and understand the people in my workplace more closely as to why they do what they do, and the manner to which they treat me.

Given the circumstance I have put myself into my current workplace, my relationship with the people around me there isn’t particularly perfect, but I would say they have all been very cordial and professional in their treatment to me. I thank them for holding back grudges of whatever sort towards me. But then of course, it may just be that I think of myself too lowly sometimes.

And now I would say that I’m having an interesting, borderline exciting, work experience as an on-the-job trainee.

More, more days to go and I will be done with tales and tales to tell!

P.S. I reread this stream-of-consciousness piece and I conclude I have a very complicated attitude. That’s a thing to work on. Just saying.

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Fifty Shades of Grey: A Review of the Titillating Tale by EL James

Sia in David Guetta’s Titanium sings: “I’m talking loud, not saying much…”

This book feels like one. Titillating, yes, but nothing much of a story.

I can summarize Fifty Shades in Three Key Points:

  1. Girl and Boy mutually like each other sexually the first time they meet, with the Boy’s sexual likeness more severe than Girl’s.
  2. Boy urges and pursues Girl to commit to an intense sexual arrangement, with them having sexual engagements on the side before Girl gives her choice.
  3. Girl is always in doubt which to choose and after a sexual engagement which had gone awry, she says no.

Notice the recurrence of the word ‘sexual’? Because the book is about fucking.

It is marketed as an erotic book so it is technically fine

It does not attempt to be a literary feat and well, it plays its purpose.

Nobody is to blame. It’s all part of commerce.

So I will review the book on the merit of its writing:

  1. We get simple, straight-forward characters and conversations.
  2. EL James is fond of repeating her similes and metaphors. There’s this ‘Icarus touching the sun’ metaphor she keeps on putting in.
  3. Her characterization of Christian Grey in the eyes of Anastasia is repeated again and again and again in every chapter.
  4. Each sex scene is described with motion as pants pulling down, shirts going up, and devoid of the oooohs and aaaaahs. A good thing, actually for erotic fiction.
  5. The language is simple and understandable.

Actually, I’ve skipped several parts in each chapter especially ones involving repetitive sex. For me, it gets quite boring soon after reading sex scene after sex scene.

I cannot say I’ve wasted much time. I quite enjoyed it. But it certainly did not fill my soul. And I’m the only person to blame.

I think the movie coming up would be interesting. I just can’t fathom all the sex put into a two-hour spectacle of sort. But it sure would be interesting seeing it on another perspective.


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