Dadi Janki and the Power of Purity

This post continues the good intent of the post Dadi Janki and the Power of Peace, and Dadi Janki and the Power of Love.

To supplement more of this week’s meditative spirit, here are more words from Dadi Janki’s Chapter 3 – The Power of Purity:

  • Purity enables me to make my thoughts and actions free from the negativity, waste and weakness that were created when I ceased to understand myself as a spiritual being, and thought of myself only as the offspring of my physical parents and circumstances.
  • You may be experiencing peace through having moved away from your responsibilities. Or people may be giving you love just to keep you happy. As long as there is some weakness mixed inside, however, you can’t really experience peace or happiness. You love will not be constant, either. Sometimes you’ll stay loving, and sometimes you’ll not even be capable of giving love to yourself.
  • In the same way, the true peace of God, the peace and understanding that taste so sweet, that give so much strength and wisdom, will only stay within where there is purity. Purity makes your mind and intellect like gold.
  • Purity gives the recognition of how valuable truth is. Then, when rubbish does come inside, you are readily able to recognize it and remove it. When this habit of maintaining inner cleanliness is firmly established, it’s as if God’s help is always close at hand.

Let us continue to pray, live and love.

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Thank you very much. Time for more meditation.


Dadi Janki and the Power of Love

This post continues the good intent of the post Dadi Janki and the Power of Peace.

To supplement more of this week’s meditative spirit, here are more words from Dadi Janki’s Chapter 2 – The Power of Love:

  • Originally, each of us is naturally powerful. Power in this inner context means something akin to the French expression, joie de vivre. It means being well stocked with the energy of positive thought and feeling, and knowing how to use and maintain those stocks effectively, replenishing them from an inner wellspring. In this powerful state you feel love for the self, for others, for life.
  • When the surface of a lake is disturbed, it can no longer reflect the surrounding hills or sky Try to look into it, and you won’t get past the ripples or waves. The water will seem murky. But when it is still, you can see into its depths, and with a slight shift to focus you can also see beauty reflected from above.
  • Then the energy flows. This is an amazing, wonderful thing. It is all that is missing in our lives. It is this energy of love that makes it possible to live from inside to out – to become a beacon, in fact – and to prevent the negativities that exist outside from coming in, draining us of happiness and strength.
  • The secret of living from inside to out is to get to know ourselves again internally, and recover an ability to draw on the energy of our inner truth. Then, we can be free.
  • I think of God as also being like a point or star, dimensionless, but radiant with the power of truth, unlimited and eternal.

Let us continue to pray, live and love.


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Thank you very much. Time for more meditation. J

Dadi Janki and the Power of Peace

Filipinos in the Roman Catholic faith do observe the Holy Week.

I am not Roman Catholic myself yet I do respect and appreciate tradition.

For me, the Holy Week is about meditation, self-reassurance and rekindling with God and one’s self.

So to start this year’s meditation, I’m rereading Dadi Janki’s ‘Inside Out: A better way of living, learning and loving’.

Dadi Janki is a leader in the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Univversity and the World Congress of Faiths.

The thoughts shared by her does not necessarily transcend the Word, but it is of the same principle – of peace, love purity, divine truth and happiness.

Here are her words from Chapter 1 – The Power of Peace:

  • Free yourself from the crisis that you create through your own negativity. There are so many external crises, you can’t even count them. There is nothing you can do about that. But the crisis you create in your own mind, according to the quality of your thoughts – at least put a stop to that.
  • To experience sorrow is an act of senselessness. Remember this very well. When you feel sorrow about something, understand that you are lacking understanding. For whom should I feel sorrow? Does it help me or others?
  • But to become upset, or to be unhappy about something, even to have an off-mood, is like putting a drop of poison into a pot of nectar. It spoils everything. It does not just take away peace, it brings unhappiness.
  • Ask your heart: Do I have pure, positive feelings for everyone, including myself? Am I paying attention to this, making it my priority as I move through life? Such feelings create an energy that automatically flows outwards, protecting you against negative influence.
  • With peace, with faith, create such a loving atmosphere that whatever comes, it will easily go away. This is the wisdom shown by the ancient story-tellers when they wrote “And it came to pass…”

Let’s be in for some meditation this week. It’s time to reflect and cleanse the mind with spirituality.

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Thank you very much. Time for more meditation. 🙂

Revolutionary Road: A house is not a home.

The movie somewhat revolves around this premise: What should be more important with a maturing marriage and family life – finances, career and security, or personal and mutual interests achieved?

Young couples at the start of relationships think of doing things together – crazy or not. It may be ideas like traveling to an uncharted land, joining a theater group, sex in public, building a business, or starting a family.

And when the family grows, there are children, the bills pile, the husband could afford but the wife feels like things happen very unlike of the life planned beforehand and she’s unhappy, what should be done?

Should the husband give way? Or should the wife give way?

And there’s a baby coming, and the wife does not want to bear the baby, what should be done?

It is obvious that in cases as these the children are of utmost importance. But I do understand troubled people as the wife in here who happens to have been quite deprived of her longing for a career or personal interests other than being a mother and a housewife. Self-worth is relative.

Sometimes all other important functions of a person vanish when they feel incomplete. There are just things in life that make you feel less. Life can be a constant search to feel full inside.

The movie has really nice people as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet playing as leads. I think everything looks and feels coherent. There’s this very simple retro feel that we get.

There’s subtle darkness with the mood and the theme. It is so sad – great when you want to cry yet just can’t.

Serious movie critics somehow like it:

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Thank you very much! 🙂

The Lovely Bones is that nice chick crime mystery book you read in grade school.

Remember Nancy Drew? That to me how The Lovely Bones is like. It’s quite fitting actually with the colors, hues and vibe of the 70’s and all found in the film.

The movie’s good at taking somewhat a nice perspective at family drama. It’s in that position the movie is really cute and effective.

Saoirse Ronan was good as the lead. She’s kind but hormonal so she’s acting it all weird as an adolescent.

Susan Sarandon as her grandma was cool and sympathetic enough.

And of course, it’s given that I should like the character of Mark Wahlberg as the lead’s father because (1) he’s an accountant and I like all accountants; (2) he has a penchant for arts and crafts which I do too; and (3) he plays as a good father of a family.

But I think there’s some failure with the cross between thriller and fantasy there. I’ve seen afterlife slash crime mystery films before which are quite effective, but this one is quite sadly not.

The problem in here is we know who kills who early on. We know how she’s killed. We know exactly where. Or if not, we somewhat have a clear idea.

Or at the least, we see the director’s intention to start up a crime-thriller movie yet drives it to fantasy, and the transition is not quite well.

Although I do appreciate the effort to make something fresh, this didn’t just quite work and at times felt quite boring.

Yet nonetheless, it’s interesting and worth-seeing for a time. Just once will do.

Well better people have something better to say:

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Remember Me is one memorable 9/11 romantic flick.

Remember Me is one of those movies that make you feel want to stare out by the window even when there is no rain, no grass, no flowers, no winding road, nothing to see outside. It’s sad, not too shallow but to me utterly likeable.

The good thing about this movie is it doesn’t want to be directly resembled as a 9/11 story. So it attempts not to build on sympathy early on.

And there’s the story of social classes and yet again bewildered young people, and old people which happen to be parents of the young ones trying to save them.

So this movie’s about rich and middle class, parenting and romance.

Quite interesting actually.

Robert Pattinson in here is some son of a hotshot businessman, happens to be schooled at NYU yet wrecks his life getting drunk and wasted and all.

I like to believe that I’ve seen different worlds of student life – students of privilege and have chosen to live a privileged life, less privileged and have chosen to live the less privileged life, and those privileged yet have chosen the less privileged life. Please don’t judge; of course I mean no wrong or anything.

What I’m really thinking is sometimes we have no means of changing our status quo but we can choose where we want to be at some future. Of course where we’re going to depends on where we are now.

I’d like to leave it there. Vague and I don’t think I could expound on that matter any more.

And there’s this predicament where Pattinson’s character’s primary efforts on dating the lead actress’ character emerges from a bet. (What did I just say?)

Going back, there really are some loops in the story. Something’s off.

I really liked the scoring. Especially on that romantic coitus scene somewhere.

The acting’s good. The rugged Pattinson is at his best. The child actress was smart and her inquisitiveness is used to drive the story.

I quite didn’t like the colors. Something’s off.

But this is really re-watchable. I think I did watch this one twice already.

Well serious movie critics did not quite like the movie as much as I did. Here are more info from:

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Adam makes stars, telescopes and minimalism way too cool.

I haven’t met someone so geeky before. The closest maybe is one of my former classmates Mark (who has just finished a degree in Psychology and now off to med school, and one of the coolest persons I know; yey, congratulations Mark) who reads a lot and knows a great deal about Literature, Psychology and other stuff.

Adam presents a nice take on profiling a geek and his interests on astronomy and the sciences per se, his mental condition (Asperger syndrome), his coping with the loss of his father, his attempt with love and life.

The movie is played by a really good lead (Hugh Dancy). To me introverts are really fascinating with their behavior somewhat unpredictable and their wise description to things as they’re naturally keen observers.

This movie also takes us to understanding the behavior of the ones with Asperger syndrome. I realized how well they do with details.

Then there’s this dilemma about the girlfriend’s father who’s an accountant. The father gets into legal trouble and Adam unknowing and unapologetic due to his condition blurts unnecessary comments. He was so honest that if the comments were directed to me I would have done something ill to Adam.

This movie has really cute gimmicks like Adam cleaning the windows in a spacesuit, and Adam and Beth (Rose Byrne) watching raccoons on a cold night at a park.

However, this movie was quite not received well commercially. Nonetheless, this is quite a winner in some movie festivals as Sundance.

The feeling is quite sad so this is worth watching maybe after a break-up and you still want to linger on that sadness, or after traveling somewhere and you somehow miss the place.


For more info about this movie, we have:

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The Pop Danthology Report: What the Web knows about the coolest mash-upper Daniel Kim, rephrased!

Daniel Kim

Due to a number of unexpected hits on my post Popdanthology’s 2012 Songs Mashup!, I have decided to make somewhat a summary of what we have on the Net about Daniel.

So, this thing I have cannot be a technical write-up or a journalistic endeavor of sort, but rather a mere onlooker trying to piece something together.

So I’ll hit it up:

Daniel Kim2


On Facebook

So some things we could know about him is in here on his Info page on Facebook.

I’m quite out of time, I haven’t approached the guy and I’m by all means not putting everything in out of respect. Let’s just log-in on Facebook okay and read the page.

Yet here are interesting facts:

  • He’s Canadian, resides at Vancouver.
  • I think this he wrote sums it all up: “Self-produced electro house musician who writes, composes, and sings his own music.”
  • He describes himself as “more of a businessman by nature than an unstructured artist…”
  • He talks about his music production style: “Daniel takes a very strategic and organized approach to his music.”
  • More on his music philosophy: “Having little patience for entertainment that progresses slowly, he aims to make concise, catchy bass/beat-driven dance music that gets to the point quickly while still keeping his singing an integral part.”
  • His goal: “Like David Guetta, he hopes to entertain the mainstream house music audience and the pop music audience.”
  • And the way he sees his music: “His sound is dark and sexy and his lyrics are mature and deep.”
  • His interests: ‘Level 5 Leadership / Servant-Leadership, Integrity, Justice, Philosophy, Psychology, Travel, Cultures of the World, Strategic Communication, Writing’

Daniel published free downloadable links of his mash-ups through this Facebook note.

Daniel lists these sites as his:


The Gift of OCPD

Daniel writes on his blog, an informative site about obsessive-compulsive disorder, his thoughts and his advocacy. As he puts it: “Understanding how obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is a gift that just needs a little grace.

Check out this post called Empathy.

On Daniel’s Work from others

Perhaps it is safe to say Daniel garnered significant media attention through his utterly well-made 2012 songs mash-up (Popdanthology’s 2012 Songs Mashup!­).

So music bloggers like Album Confessions wrote extensively on the mash-up’s inclusions.

Here’s one from and thoughtcatalog.


And there you go. We’re gonna hear more about Daniel most probably on January 2014! Can’t wait for the New Year!



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Congratulations graduates of 2013!


To my friends, acquaintances, former classmates, and all those graduating this 2013, congratulations!

Good luck on your future endeavors – may it be licensure exam, med school, law school, grad school , work or whatnot.

This one’s for you:


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General Santos City Traffic Enforcers do the Harlem Shake!

Because I do love my hometown General Santos City, and I salute the men and women behind the General Santos City Traffic Enforcement, headed by Assistant City Administrator Glenville Gonzales.

We Generals surely do know how to have some fun.

After all, it’s a great morning like any other. Some dancing would be great.

Here’s a good one from a Jeremy:


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Silver Linings Playbook is a rerun of a defunct 90s late-night talk show hosted by Bradley Cooper and featuring Jennifer Lawrence!

Bradley Cooper is so noisy; he must have not talked for decades.

At first, I was kind of scared he might get into a fit anytime; until he threw a Hemingway that I thought this movie’s so fun.

Then Jennifer Lawrence came out (of course I am biased; it’s post-Oscars), then everything else is truly interesting.

Of course I like my loony characters a bit silent and reserved with occasional fits, but Cooper’s Patrick just comes off as some noisy depressed guy.

It’s like watching myself.

I would like to think Jennifer Lawrence tones him down.

J-Law is utterly stunning; she ran the show. (I am biased.)

After this movie, I seriously recommend for Bradley to take some time off to Fiji or Cayman Islands, take a rest, and indulge into some dripping water Zen music or something.

But seriously, this movie’s truly interesting with great writing and characters played well.



Somebody wrote something better:

“Silver Linings Playbook” Review: Cooper and Lawrence are Oscar Hopefuls

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‘The Blind Side’ reminds us to give back.

In 2010, The Blind Side was a huge box-office hit starring Sandra Bullock.

The Blind Side was a sports and family drama with a $29 million budget and $300 million in revenue – more or less 10 times turnover.

I think this movie is quite fascinating on a business perspective. They had Sandra Bullock, a top-billed celebrity, on the lead who opted not to get paid too high all for a good cause.

It was a fascinating study of consumer psychology – you’ve got a movie about baseball, social status and education without much hint of sex or insanely beautiful people.

I don’t know what sort of strong on-point promotional strategies was done on this film but a 1000% turnover is simply amazing.

I think it helps that the film’s subject Michael Oher has a huge fan base as a baseball superstar.

(Well I have a self-imposed policy of not doing much research on content other than for pictures and videos so when I do reviews, I basically don’t really much know what I’m saying. I’m pretty much sick of research you know.)

But I have strong Christian and (not to brag but) human sensibilities, so I really loved the story.

I have great respect for Michael Oher, Mrs. Touhy, SJ and the Touhys, after watching the film.

I was moved by Mrs. Touhy’s generosity for Michael what with treating him as her own child.

I don’t know a deal about baseball and its politics but I know in my heart there had never been a deal of self-gratification for her in the whole process of taking Michael in their home.

I salute Mr. Michael Oher for not giving up and handling himself in to God’s blessings the Touhys.

Mr. and Mrs. Touhy may have done something utterly good in their parenting what with SJ being so friendly.

The film in all presents a strong narrative. The acting was crisp, subtle and nothing overdone.

Sandra Bullock did not deserve the Razzie.




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Titanium is a song as hard as steel.

What with all the hype on house music, I think Titanium is a serious composition feat.

This song is strong, relatable, upbeat and very pop.



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Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila and some past I had.


No joke.

When I was around 14, a mere mortal like me stayed in this very quaint hotel called Crowne Plaza at Quezon City, Philippines.

Thanks to the Davao cardiologists, my English teachers and the administration from my previous school, I was able to be there.

I was a rather good student back in high school so there. My prize. Hahaha.

Nah, I joined a national contest and lost.



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