‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’ is a bittersweet rocky road trip!

I could never listen to her songs ever again like before.

Having watched this documentary, all I have now is respect and appreciation for her.

The film drives us through her first tour which involves her performing at least 2 hours a night around the world for a year.


So it was a whole lot of traveling and bits of glitches to her personal life for time lost for work.

We’re also taken to her life us a child and growing up which involves a lot of strictly Pentecostal Christian upbringing by her parents, and a tad of breaking it lose as a teenager.

Okay I’ll hit some details in bullet form:

1. Her parents were Pentecostal ministers who employed much of their beliefs to their parenting style.

As such, Katy and her siblings grew up a bit unknowing of stuff like Michael Jackson.

Not to prove anything but it seemed like anything on media had been sort of communicants of the devil of sort.

2. Katy’s early musical exposure was for the church.

She did sing for the choir and she did a lot of gospel singing growing up.

3. (I hope I’m getting this one right.) One time at a friend’s house, she heard of Alanis Morissette’s song that goes ‘Coz I’m here to remind you of the best…’ (something like that).

She was deeply moved by her somewhat fresh exposure to something pop and had this subtly devious instinct for rebellion.

4. At seventeen she met this Glen guy, a producer for Alanis Morissette and Michael Jackson, who was impressed by her music.

So she had somewhat a mentor-business-manager thing going on with him.

He helped her produce her compositions and look for big labels to sign her.


5. At 18, she’s finally free and traveled to places like Los Angeles where she did her music and led her musical life.

She met people and started to live her dream.

Yet it wasn’t always good for her.

For some time she had trouble with her finances trying to live on her own and working on her music career.

There was even a time she asked financial help from her then 16-year-old brother.

Yet she continued writing and singing and trying to make a living.

6. She signed up for Columbia records and had her producers the Matrix who worked for artists like Britney Spears.

The label somehow found it hard to position (as in marketing) her at first trying to find a direction that has both the edge and commercial value.

7. Dismayed of how Katy’s account is going with Columbia, this Columbia publicist woman pitched her files to Capitol Records.

Capitol was rather impressed and Katy got the deal with three songs in mind as a single to introduce her.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012

8. Katy got it big-time first time through her single I Kissed A Girl. Darn, I think I was senior high school then?

The release kind of had her relationship with her parents a bit rough what with the song’s utterly deviant theme.

9. She met this Russell Grant and fell utterly in love with him.

10. Katy becomes phenomenal as being the first artist ever to have five number one songs from one same album.

11. Amid her success she found it hard to keep her marriage going.

In between locations she found time to travel to where her husband was.

In Sao Paolo, Brazil amid thousands of fans, she broke down backstage before the start of the show.

Yet a true professional, she managed to pull things through and carried on.

Day 365 was at London.

By the end of 2011, she divorced Russell Grant on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

mgid uma video mtv.com 791675

12. In an interview she admits to be unconcerned of the notion of celebrities mixing love and career.

She realizes that there could really be things in life that don’t work but nonetheless it was some journey.


13.Success in career and family relationships continue, and so she continues to live.

The film presents Katy’s strong point of view as an artist, a professional, a lover and an individual.

Not particularly politically correct, it is consistent with portraying all involved as whom they should be and what they are to Katy’s life without so much of kissing their asses.


I like the fact that she comes from a Christian background and that for now she is more of spiritual than adhering so highly to religious traditions. I am so one like that – I can’t stand too much religious traditions but I do like some, like memorized prayers and some kind saints.

There sure are a lot of artists right now who has a point of view that somehow needs to be refined to juice out commercial value.

But truth is, the entertainment industry is quite crowded. Industry turnover is really fast what with abounding competition.

It is fascinating that Katy Perry climbed up on top with a strong point of view beforehand.

After all, her success has never been an overnight work for her.

Plus it surely did help that she is an amazing people person.


What with how she treats her coworkers as the best of friends and how they understand and care for her on her very troubled times.

As for her love life, there could always be time and maybe soon enough we’ll see.

Carry on.


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