Les Miserables (2012): Top 7 must see scenes… or songs… or both!

Okay, I think I’m not done with my Les Mis froufrou yet. Again, Les Mis is enjoyable no matter how boring it can be to some. Les Mis is Les Mis that you can’t go missing its nicely made songs.

So let’s do a run, shall we?

7. Stars by Javert

Okay, you may be thinking of Russel Crowe now. But if you listen to the music closely it’s got some beautiful lyrics in it punctuated by a strong melody in low register. I could seriously sing this song, you should hear me out! Hahaha.

The song talks about Javert’s frustration of not catching Valjean. You think he has a crush on him? No. Javert is so obsessed with his job, that’s just why. He wants the law done, and the law says prisoners sent out for temporary pardon to work like Valjean must come back, yet Valjean managed to escape, so Javert’s all itchy now.

Now in the song Javert’s swearing! He’s swearing to the stars. He’s showing some balls – his testament of truth and devotion to his profession, and most importantly to his God.

6. Master of the House by the Thenadiers

This is a fun song. A very dirty, fun song, I’d like some wipes and some bleach to clean up the mess!

The song introduces the crooked landlords of an inn-slash-brothel. They’ve got serious lessons for cost-cutting. I must say they’re revolutionary in hotel cost management there. It can be all that simple you see – cat for sausages, watering the barrel of wine, charging much for looking at the mirror twice.

5. Do you hear the people sing? By cast ensemble

This is one scene repositioned in the film. This is a great song.

It talks about revolutionary people how they’re eager for change, how they’re strong and bold, all that.

4. On My Own by Eponine

This song carries the musical to pop culture. This is an amateur singing contest piece for young female singers.

Looking closely, you appreciate how soft the melody is, how rich and leveled it goes on the ears. The song is about Eponine’s unrequited love for Marius who loves Cossette. So she’s there, a bit bitter as a bittergourd, but she can do nothing about Marius’ feelings. She can’t make her love him so she does do it on her own. No not that, I mean, maybe live life on her own. Go on with life on her own.

Not do as in do it on her own. She can, but quite gross, but she’ll do it on her own.

3. Valjean’s Death by Valjean, Fantine and Bishop

This is one heartfelt, nicely choreographed scene. But yes, I still am not amenable to the pensive Hugh Jackman but he worked it out in here.

This scene comes close to heart as it shows Valjean departing from a life spent mostly hiding and paying for moral debts. And it’s nice to lay to rest in a Church. It’s serene and peaceful. And there’s an angel fetching you. And the angel happens to be Anne Hathaway. Sigh.

2. Bring Him Home by Valjean

This is one difficult song to sing. Hugh Jackman can sing this just enough. But if you’ve watched renditions of this from the tenors of the musical (like Alfie Boe in this vid), they’re so good.

This is a prayer song asking God for protection and that Valjean may do safely his plans.

1. I dreamed a dream by Fantine

What did I just say about Anne Hathaway? On this? Enough said. Period.

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